Choosing a Junk Removal Company 15/01/2019


Not all junk removal outfits offer the same services and it is important to keep in mind these factors when deciding on who you will hire when it comes time to remove your junk.

Reputable - In 2019 you should be able to see online reviews and a history or business of any company you choose to hire regardless of service. If you can’t find any history or one good thing said about the business that is a red flag. Businesses that are reputable may have customer reviews and a public page on a social network displaying their history and work done.

Honest - This is the junk removal industry not rocket science so finding simple up front pricing or obtaining a quote should be easy without any run around. Some junk removers may want to quote your removal in person, while others like Hagemeister Hauling already have a pricing structure that makes it easy to tell your cost before you even pick-up the phone. Make sure you have a clear upfront price without hidden charges before you give the yes or no on your next dump run. If you’re uncomfortable negotiating in person, use your phone to send over pictures to the company and get a better idea of the rate you’ll be paying.

Able - A company’s website or Facebook page should give you a general idea of the crew and equipment that your junk removers will be using when they show up at your door. Make sure that your hire has the correct tools and equipment to get the job done. Do you need 20 yards of soil removed in an afternoon? Well then, the crew should have a skid steer on site to get that done along with the proper sized truck to transport the material safely and legally. If you need a couch hauled out of the basement one man and a truck won’t cut it a second pair of hands will be needed unless you’re willing and able to assist. Making sure you choose someone with the right personnel, training and tools will save you hassle down the line.

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