Estate Clean-Ups : Bin Rentals vs Junk Removal Service? Which Should You Choose 24/01/2019

Hagemeister hauling 20 yard green bin

A lifetime of junk can take weeks sometimes months to sort thru and dispose. It can be emotionally and physically challenging work. In our experiences we’ve seen both bin rental and hiring a junk removal service work for our customers. Below we’ll lay out advantages of each option.

Renting a Bin / Dumpster - Renting a bin thru our sister company WinBins www.WinBins.ca can help when cleaning up an estate especially if space is at a premium or you’ve got a larger amount of waste to be removed than a junk truck can handle. (ei over 10 yards of material)

A bin provides an area for your junk to sit while you go room by room cleaning the estate. Instead of doubling handling your junk (putting it in one pile only to pick it back up and pile it somewhere else) take your junk directly into the bin for disposal. Bins are also larger than junk trucks allowing for big or oddly shaped items to be tossed without cutting them down to fit. WinBins’s biggest bin, has a 20 yard capacity and measures 14.5 feet long by 8.5 feet wide. This ample space provides enough room for almost all types of furniture to fit in the bin without taking it apart of cutting it down.

Hiring a Junk Removal Service - If you are not able to haul the junk into a bin yourself or you do not have the amount of junk to require a larger dumpster then hiring a company to assist in the removal is a smart choice.

Hagemeister Hauling will send in 2 men along with the proper tools and training to take apart different furniture and appliances if required to remove them from your home or business. It is common in estate clean-ups a fridge or bar has been dropped in a basement and then built around it. We specialize in removing furniture and appliances under these conditions. We will use reciprocating saws, screw drivers and wrenches to get your junk apart and out of the home. If you have junk hidden in garage rafters or in a crawl space our crew can assist going in, around and underneath the obstacles to clean up your property. If you’d rather not tackle those parts of your clean-up a junk removal service is going to be the right fit.

If you’d prefer a mix of both, a bin on site while your sort and a crew of men to help with the larger and hard to access items Hagemeister offers that services as well. We can drop a bin off and then send a crew at the same time or later in the rental to assist in loading up some of the junk. For this kind of service we charge for the bin and an hourly rate for the crew.

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