Easy Tips to Prepare for Junk Removal

January 3, 2019
Author: admin

1.Make sure the pathways in and out of your home are free and clear of debris. By making sure the stairs and hallways of your how are free of debris you’re ensuring a safe path for your junk and our crew. Loose cords and paper can be tripping hazards, make sure the area is clear. Paintings on the wall should be taken down as well, anything a corner or elbow can catch and cause problems.

2.Park your vehicle away from the path of removal. Make the removal process easy by having you car parked away from where the junk is to be loaded. One less thing to walk around can save the crew effort and allow for safer loading of the junk. If it’s a larger removal by saving the crew 10 steps each trip it can save time and money once all finished.

3.Decide what is JUNK and what is not ahead of time. There are NO returns from the dump. Once you’ve had an item removed it is GONE. Make sure that you’ve come to a final decisions on what it being tossed and kept. Our Hagemeister Haulers can return again if you’ve forgotten something that needed to go.

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