Garage Clean-up Tips

December 9, 2018
Author: admin

The garage can be a haven for junk and clutter. Household junk always ends up finding its way out there. From old holiday decorations that don’t work anymore to that drum set you played twice while going through your “rocker phase”, your garage probably contains a pile or two in need of cleaning up.

The test for whether you have a little garage junk or a lot is simple: can you still park your vehicles in your garage? If you said yes, you’re not doing too bad. Set aside a weekend afternoon and you should be able to get it all cleaned up and organized. If you said no, set aside a solid day or possibly the weekend to get it all cleaned up. Below are the 4 steps to follow when cleaning the junk out of your garage.

**1. Create two piles: Keep & Junk **

Separate the items you remove into two piles, one “Keep” pile and one “Junk” pile. You don’t want to upset your spouse or kids by pitching something important to them. Make one pile on one side of the driveway and the other pile on the other side.

2. Many hands make light work

Recruit your friends, family and neighbours to help in the task. Make sure everyone is wearing the correct gear to tackle the clean-up safely and effectively. Getting more people involved can make the job quicker and safer when loading up larger items. Providing some refreshments goes a long way to keeping the crew happy and working towards your goal.

3. Organize for the future

If you want to prevent some of the clutter from coming back use racking, labels and other organizing tools like plastic storage bins to provide some order. Racking or hanging up your bikes or garden tools can save a lot of floor space and make it easy to grab what you need in the future.

4. Disposing of garage junk

Now for the easy part. Call Hagemeister Hauling to schedule your junk pick-up any day of the week. You can reach us 24/7 online at If you can’t be home at the time of your pick-up don’t worry. We can make arrangements to collect your debris when you’re at work or out and leave a receipt waiting for you along with a clean property when you return home.